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The ICF-CY Therapy Care project is an Erasmus+ K2 Cooperation for innovation and  the exchange of good practices action European project that deals with  the quality of the teaching and care services offered to children with  special needs who are integrated into normal schools.

The  number of children with learning difficulties and disabilities of  autism spectrum increases every year. Every day psychologists and  special educators meet problems addressing the needs of this group of  children. The projects aims at developing an educational approach to  reduce the disparities in tackling the problem of integrating children  with Special Educational Needs (SEN) into regular schools.  The project  focuses on children aged 6-12 years old with SEN, in particular with  Autism / autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) or Specific Learning  difficulty (SpLD). It will use the ICF-CY classification as a basis to develop a set of tools that will assist psychologists, special educators and teachers in assessing the capabilities of children with SEN, set therapy targets and assessments benchmarks. The tools created by the ICF-CY - basis for therapeutic care project will take the form of a Questionnaire to establish and recognize the learning difficulties of special needs children and a Card  for the planned therapy and outcomes, both helping professionals to monitor and assess the progress and achievement of the children.
Project Partners
Project ID: 2016-1-RO01-KA204-024712
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